I am an award-winning and well-traveled journalist who can find the needle in everyone’s haystack. I am in my element as a storyteller. My approachable, authentic narratives offer readers an easy, enjoyable dive into everything from scientific discoveries and business news to personal stories of joy, love, pain and retribution.

I write for online, print and broadcast, including voicing and producing top-quality audio content. I am also an engaging speaker and enthusiastic instructor, having given several talks and workshops on writing and effective communication.


Alison’s editing offers timely and intelligent improvements to our daily publications. She quickly identifies and finesses challenges in structure, flow and tone with an eye to simplifying language in order make the articles more approachable. She is an excellent communicator; an all around pleasure to work with.
— Karin Põldaas, Director of Communications, ATB Financial
Alison Myers has a talent for transforming complex concepts into easy to read and interesting stories. Her dedication to detail, her professionalism and her high quality writing make her a joy to work with. If you are looking for help get your message out, to build your brand or to raise awareness, Alison is the storyteller you need.
— Sarah McGinnis, Manager of Marketing and Communications, Schulich School of Engineering